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Check out this beautifully executed art installation J.Neal Design was able to work on in collaboration with Theo Pinto Studio and Revlon’s SinfulColors. Check out the process photos below.

Revlon Artist Installation

Learn about the transformation with behind the scene photos of the process!


Carness Shop Drawing - 09.30.15

We’re defying gravity through structural design and making something beautiful along the way.


The welders hard at work making the supports to help this project get off the ground! This is where art and structure meet beautifully.


Setting the stage for the final step. The important part is to make sure the car is secured and we’ve been putting in long hours to make sure it’s ready for liftoff.


getting the car all prepped


J. Neal hard at work making sure the structure is sound.

work in progress


This was an immense project for the J. Neal Team and we’re happy to have been a (small) part of this!