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Recently we were contacted by former clients, of the Cube Cubed railing system we designed and installed back in 2010.  The bad news being part of our installation (the mailbox) had been damaged in a recent incident with a neighbor’s car; the good news, we were informed our work has aged gracefully over the course of the past several years, and they are as happy today with their product as they were at installation.

Upon visiting to assess the damage we were able to determine that the point of failure was at the base-plate of the mailbox, which turned out to be an ideal location, preventing the rest of the product from sustaining damage and making for a very simple repair. Though it was not exactly intentional (we don’t tend to design for our products to be backed into by young drivers).  The product behaved much like the break away design for street signage and lights and better than we could have predicted.

For more information on this system, please see our product post here.

Below are some photos of the damage, replacement process and overall current conditions of the system:

Cube3_Point of Failure PairingYou can see where the pole snapped away from the base, leaving no real damage to the aesthetic of the piece itself.
IMG_3223Some of our modular Cube3 attachments hanging out in the shop.
Cube3_Update_01.16.15The stair railing still looks brand new!
IMG_3232Testing out the repairs!

IMG_3241 And back to normal.