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Welcome to 114 W Read St

The past several years have been a real adventure for us here at J. Neal Design. Just three years ago our firm consisted of Jason Neal in one tiny third story Riverside studio. In the summer of 2012 in came Lacey, and the walls of that tiny studio were closing in, but we stuck it out – we had good windows.

Eventually progress dictated we needed a new person and a new space, in the Fall of 2013 Jessica joined the family and we transitioned into the Mt. Vernon area knowing this is where we wanted to settle and not much else. Most of the past 18 months have been spent very transient, sometimes we had a studio, sometimes not, sometimes we worked from home, sometimes shared working space, often times haunting local cafes – by the by we owe a great credit to the many wonderful cafes about Baltimore city for affording us temporary housing and outstanding service.

By the time 2015 was rolling around we knew it was time for a more permanent home and we wanted to share it with Be The To Studios, so the hunt began! Fortunately one of the first places we found turned out to be a real gem. So now, we are officially settled in our new home at 114 W Read Street. We’ve extended our work family to include architectural visualization firm Be The To Studios, and local artist Shawn Gworek of citylinesInk and we couldn’t be happier.

We have sunshine, and video games, and many laughs to be had in our new home. We look forward to wherever we are going, and last week we were able to have our first official celebration with a friends and family open house in the studio. We hope to open up our space for many more people and uses as we move forward with a tentative event schedule for the third Thursday of each month. So, stay posted for more information on upcoming events and fun happenings at 114 W Read St!


IMG_3891To the left is the J.Neal Design studio, center is citylinesInk and to the far right Be The To, with a new intern hard at work.  J. Neal Design is having an internal meeting in the shared lounge area.


J. Neal Design team focused and well caffeinated as per typical. For now we love our huge windows, but we’ll see how we feel in the heat of summer…

IMG_3887From the other side of our space, we’ll soon have our prototype conference table set up behind the sofa. It is currently at the fabricator’s getting its 15 minutes of fame, but more on that next week!

FullSizeRender_AdjustedAnd finally, a grainy mood lit photo of our friends and family open house.  What a fun night filled with pizza, chocolate, wine, and laughter!