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Baltimore’s Open Space, a dialogue on Community spirit

Last night our entire firm (granted it is only three of us) ventured out in support of a dear friend, and our dear city. We attended a series of short lectures curated by D Center Baltimore and hosted at The WindUp Space. The focus of the event was to take a closer look at what qualifies as open space in the urban context, specifically in Baltimore. Speakers addressed both the history and trajectory of park planning in Baltimore at a policy level as well as a community level.

We heard from some great speakers and organizations; it was uplifting to see some of the gestures the city seems to be making on this front, but more poignantly learning about some of the grassroots community generated parks that have happened in the city already. Baltimore is charm city, it is the city of neighborhoods, and it has such a wonderful community spirit.  For us as a firm, the discussion last night was just one of the many reasons we have all chosen to make Baltimore our home both personally and professionally.

For more information on who spoke at the event please see the flyer below:

DCenter_OpenSpaceOn the left; Miriam Avins of, Founder of Baltimore Green Space getting us all as excited about Forest Patches in the city as she is!  She was a wonderful speaker, and is helping to foster some really cool community projects around the city. this oneDid I mentioned the great turnout?IMG_20150203_193913736