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The Notch is a furniture piece designed for a client who purchased a 400 sq/ft condo in DC and needed an all-in-one type unit that includes bed, desk, tv, and plenty of storage, to allow their bedroom to also be converted into a living room.  Notch was constructed using all 3/16″ carbon steel and reclaimed white washed reclaimed oak.  Modularity being essential to the build for easily assembly in the tight space.

rendering of the unit and how it would operate in the space


working in the shop

“notch” your average murphy bed

under construction


a close-up detail of The Notch hinges, a lot of work had to be done to make sure they held up under the moment forces of the shelves



Be sure to stay tuned for the final product pictures!

Sini Cooper

Check out this beautifully executed art installation J.Neal Design was able to work on in collaboration with Theo Pinto Studio and Revlon’s SinfulColors. Check out the process photos below.

Revlon Artist Installation

Learn about the transformation with behind the scene photos of the process!


Carness Shop Drawing - 09.30.15

We’re defying gravity through structural design and making something beautiful along the way.


The welders hard at work making the supports to help this project get off the ground! This is where art and structure meet beautifully.


Setting the stage for the final step. The important part is to make sure the car is secured and we’ve been putting in long hours to make sure it’s ready for liftoff.


getting the car all prepped


J. Neal hard at work making sure the structure is sound.

work in progress


This was an immense project for the J. Neal Team and we’re happy to have been a (small) part of this!

Custom Stairs

One of Jneal Design’s many specialities is doing custom stairs, whether as part of a full scale project or as a one off and stand-alone feature for a client.  We recognize that stairs are a very particular puzzle for our clients, they serve as an essential means of circulation that must stand up to today’s rigorous code and by proxy are often by necessity a focal point of any given space.  We are passionate about providing our clients with modes of circulation that help bring their space together cohesively rather than become an object divider.  Stairs should be a worthy experience in use, and a sculptural element otherwise.

DSC_3057 Montgomery Street ResidenceDrexler 08 Drexler MinihouseFRONTVIEW


Georgetown Residence TILRES---DECK2Tilford Residence

Concrete Sinks and Vanities

Jneal works to make the essence of custom design accessible by virtue of a modular approach and an ability to take advantage of contemporary technology.  We can create custom molds with digital media which can then be machine fabricated for a final hand poured process.  We have partnered with friend of the firm EarlyBird Enterprise to create beautiful custom pieces for our own projects, and are open to commissions for stand alone projects.  Custom concrete finishes can have blended colors and materials in the mix including glassworks.

C - DREXLERDrexler kitchenette sink 5Tilford Residence vanityUNDERLIT VANITYTilford Residence vanity underlit vanity