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Approached by the friend of the firm to fully renovate and customize a home with a footprint of approximately 404 square feet existing, we have affectionately referred to the project as ‘Minihouse’ since it’s inception. Our design solutions stayed conscientious of all spatial opportunity, not to waste any volume of use, it utilized space saving mechanical systems, carefully orchestrated sections, and incorporated storage.  Finished, we were able to develop a space that playfully contracts and expands affording the illusion of a grandeur volume in a finished footprint of about 430 SF.

Though we encountered many obstacles along the way, from applications for zoning variance, to unforeseen structural concerns requiring all bearing be moved to the interior of the existing shell (further shrinking the space), and a subsequent need to scale back expense, we came out the other side with a happy client, and a ‘Minihouse’ we are excited to see come to fruition.

MiniHouse_09MiniHouse_09 - Floor Plan - DESIGN PLAN @ FIRST FLOORMiniHouse_09 - 3D View - WEB_MONEY SHOTMiniHouse_09 - 3D View - WEB REAR YARD