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B.L.T. House

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Initially conceived for entry into COMPETITION Baltimore CLT Rowhouse // BLT House // is a focused blend of simple pre-fabricated engineered wood technologies topped with the traditional aesthetics of a brick façade. The design palette reflects modern values: swift & cost-effective primary structure construction; carbon, energy & environmentally conscious selections of material assemblies & systems; livable & healthy spaces; dynamic & unique details for human delight.

Zoning and program requirements allowed for the creation of nine equal lots. Each lot features a building footprint of 16.4’ x 50’. Seven of the units are four-story, 2500 sf, three tenant units. Two of the units are three-story, two tenant, accessible units. The three-story accessible units will feature public spaces at grade, with an elevator to provide access to the second & third floor bedrooms. The play of the staggered roofscape adds texture to the BLT house development.


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