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The Notch is a furniture piece designed for a client who purchased a 400 sq/ft condo in DC and needed an all-in-one type unit that includes bed, desk, tv, and plenty of storage, to allow their bedroom to also be converted into a living room.  Notch was constructed using all 3/16″ carbon steel and reclaimed white washed reclaimed oak.  Modularity being essential to the build for easily assembly in the tight space.

rendering of the unit and how it would operate in the space


working in the shop

“notch” your average murphy bed

under construction


a close-up detail of The Notch hinges, a lot of work had to be done to make sure they held up under the moment forces of the shelves



Be sure to stay tuned for the final product pictures!


Cube Cubed originated from a particular client challenge that lead into the development of an innovative handrail system. Constructed from 6061 Aluminum, the central component of this handrail – the cube – acts as a multi-axial point that gives the system a plethora of orientation options. This combined with the innate beauty of highly refined CNC routed aluminum alloys and careful craftsmanship give Cube Cubed an aesthetic that is rivaled only by its adaptable functionality.

Customized systems available for sale. Call or email for details.