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Full renovation and updated facade of an existing commercial structure for use as a graphic design boutique in the Lauraville neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. Formerly a florist the space comprised of two attached structures left vacant and in complete disarray. New structure was carefully allocated to reinforce the space for new occupancy thoughtfully incorporated with the overall design. On the interior reclaimed wood from a nearby VA dismantled historic apple cider mill was used throughout both as flooring material, and stair treads. In the first floor open studio, a custom wood framed kitchenette was designed to incorporate a refrigerator salvaged from the buildings prior use along with a new concrete sink designed and poured by firm principal Jason Neal alongside good friend Rob Robinson of Early Bird Enterprises. On the 2nd floor private offices, and a full kitchen are connected to the street front by a new rooftop/walk out deck engaging the new facade. On the exterior a new fully custom steel sign & awning were digitally fabricated, laser cut and installed by a local artisan fabricator – Majer Metal Works.

The stair treads were cut down from historic wood beams sourced through our firm.  For more information on the stair design process and construction please visit our blog post: Drexler Stair Design

For more information on the reclaimed material sourced for the space please visit our blog post: Salvaged Wood

For more information on custom concrete sinks provided through Jneal Design please visit our Industrial Design page.


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