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Cape May Residence

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Conceived in historic Cape May, NJ this project has been a very particular puzzle to work through.  Beyond working through the constraints of the local historic board, our site is located insular to a residential block and off an easement rather than a street front.  The existing structure is considering non-conforming, as is the site itself.

Using these constraints to our advantage we were able to piece together a design that, compliments its Victorian surroundings, incorporates new FEMA standards, and creates zoning and landscaping improvements, all lending to a custom home, with 18’ ceilings, and open floor plan for families to build summer memories within.


a computer rendering image of the exterior

223.5 North St - MACRO MAP

the general vicinity map of construction site


after Hurricane Joaquin the city of Capy May took some aerial photos, and we were able to see the house under construction


during demolition we were able to salvage a lot of the material and plane it down to reuse for the flooring


a compilation of the facade construction in progress with SIP panels


getting the exterior work done with some little helpers


interior work coming together nicely


we designed and produced these custom cornice brackets for the exterior trim